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*This is very important, please read before you begin: 

Please contact me to discuss beaded orders before filling out the order form, as beaded moccasins are very personal and involve a bit more detail. Pricing will vary depending on design, time and materials. A 50% deposit is required to get started on your order and can be paid by PayPal. 


Each pair of moccasins is custom made. I do not cut into my hides until I know who the moccasins are for. This way I can put thoughtful, specific intentions into each pair, for every individual.

Heavy Moose and Buffalo hide are used in the making of each pair of moccasins. Hides have natural imperfections often caused by scars, and give insight into the life of the animal. I choose to incorporate these scars into the creation of moccasins, rather than cut them out and see them go to waste. Our lives are full of imperfections that lead to growth, learning and strengthening. I will usually have the scars in a place that is not noticeable, but on occasion they will find a way into a visible area. If you strongly wish not to have visible imperfections showing, please let me know.


 All custom sales are final.


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